New Art

The Lineup

“The Lineup”
oil on linen, 30×48, Now Available
in support of the Cold and Clear Well Project

This piece is a warm and somewhat humorous glimpse into the lives of the children at Excel Orphanage in Uganda. It is part of an ongoing theme of recent art created for the purpose of raising funds to provide a sustainable source of clean water for the orphanage.

The composition depicts a soccer game played during a lull in a rain storm. Several children are aligned across a goal line, faithfully (albeit unenthusiastically) defending their post as all the action occurs at the other end of the field, where the entirety of both teams chase the ball in a mob toward the opposite goal manned by- one child!

The growing boredom of the goalie line is apparent in their posture which creates a natural, engaging eye-flow for the viewer. The comical poses of the children provide subtle hints to their personalities and underscore the significance of the mission to care for the physical and also the deep emotional and spiritual needs of each individual child. The painting invites the viewer into the lives of these children through the unfolding scene and the support one may show by having a lasting, crucial impact on them through our mission.

To learn more about the art and mission of the Cold and Clear Well Project, visit the page “WELL”.



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