Original PORTRAITs

Mr and Mrs. Clague, oil on linen, 36x28 (image resource provided by

“Andrea and Adam”
Oil on Belgian Linen, 36×28
(image resource provided by Arielle Elise Photography)

Artist Statement

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website. This page was created specifically for you who have chosen the unique services of ARIELLE ELISE PHOTOGRAPHY or MARY BRUNST PHOTOGRAPHY. It is a long anticipated joy and privilege to begin working in concert with Arielle and Mary to depict the art of your life and of those you love.

Several years ago, just after my wife and I were given our first son, I had the idea strike me to paint a portrait of her and he during his infancy. It would be too difficult to express with words how meaningful the experience of creating and gifting the portrait was. It provided us with such a beautiful way to cherish that time of our lives that I immediately determined to do the same with any other children we were blessed with. Since then, our family has grown and I have completed two others and am working on a fourth!

My ever growing admiration for my wife as she beautifully performs her invaluable role as a mother, and the overwhelming gratitude, joy and love I feel for she and our children almost demand expression through the best way I know- through art.

In the past few years I have had the honor of creating several posthumous portraits and the recipients’ responses have been the most emotional and rewarding of my career thus far. The deep-reaching power of art expresses love in a unique and rich way. It speaks to the heart, and in turn, lends the heart a voice.

“The portrait was so real, I just wanted to hug her. Thank you so much
for…something that I will cherish as much as I will always love her.” -Margaret

These experiences have helped me understand the great value portraits bring to our lives, and have emphasized their significance in our relationships. Quality, original art is known for infusing a home with inspiration and an uplifting atmosphere. Portraits are generational treasures, commemorating family love for time beyond ours. But they are just as impactful in strengthening our relational bonds in the present. Much like the role of a wedding ring, portraits serve as vivid, engaging reminders of those who are most dear, and inspire us to ascend to that perfect love we were made to share with them.

Your discernment led you to choose a gifted and thoughtful photographer, and now enables you to experience the joy of owning or giving a quality, original portrait. The process is simple and already partially complete!

“Kate & Chris”
Charcoal on Strathmore Medium Toned Paper, 20×15
(image resource provided by Elisha Stasko Photography)


The photographer’s service and photo collection you have already invested in is also part of my creative process with portraiture. Having this completed provides multiple benefits:

  1. It allows me to eliminate that portion of the cost for your portrait (essentially providing you with two services for the price of one).
  2. It allows us as artist and art lover to connect who otherwise would not.
  3. It streamlines my process, and
  4. It provides me with foundational image resources superior to those I would be able to gather and of events I would probably not be present for (eg. weddings).

Because a photo session has already been completed, we can move directly into the developmental stage following a consultation. The process of your portrait’s creation follows this order:

  1. Start with a conversation about your needs and desires for your portrait (eg. subject, size/space in home, media options, framing, etc), and document those details in a portrait contract.
  2. Review your photo collection and decide on a few images to develop into composition studies.
  3. Consult over the composition studies and decide on a direction for the final portrait.
  4. Render the final portrait using professional grade materials and superior lightfast pigments to ensure longevity, and submit full and detailed images for your approval.
  5. Allow for drying time (if a painting) and varnish for conservation.
  6. Review frame options with you, order and frame portrait (if framing service is requested).
  7. Securely package and ship portrait to its new owner and home.

Reese StudySecret Garden Composition Studies

Sample Head and Composition Studies


As a client of Arielle and Mary, you receive an automatic discount on your portrait from my standard commission price. This is already reflected in the pricing guide below. There are several options making this original art available for any budget. And, the cost is distributed into two to three payments making it more easily managed over the course of the creative process.

I am so excited to be partnering with these two wonderful professionals in providing you with meaningful art that will inspire and enrich your life and those of your family for generations! So let’s continue the conversation! Send me a message below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Portraits in Oil

Head or Head and Shoulders
Size: Approximate dimensions ranging from 8×10-16×20
Price: $1200 (includes sales tax and shipping)

Half-Three Quarter Length
Size: Approximate dimensions ranging from 18×24-30×40
Price: $3500 (includes sales tax and shipping)

Full Figure
Size: Approximate dimensions ranging from 30×40-48×72
Price: $6000 (includes sales tax and shipping)

Portraits in Dry Media

Head or Head and Shoulders
Size: Approximate dimensions ranging from 8×10-16×20
Price: $800 (includes sales tax and shipping)

Half-Three Quarter Length
Size: Approximate dimensions ranging from 16×20-18×24
Price: $2000 (includes sales tax and shipping)

Full Figure
Size: Custom
Price: $2800 (includes sales tax and shipping)

*Additional figures within the same composition are 50% of original price. Pets within the same composition are 25%.

** I am happy to offer framing service so you can receive your portrait ready for display. Quality framing for the display of original art is of great importance for reasons ranging from practical to aesthetic. By utilizing my service you will have access to choices ensuring quality and value beyond the mainstream internet and art stores, and your art will be framed with care and appropriate hardware. The cost will be calculated additionally based on shipping costs, various supplier and profile pricing, etc.


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