Jonathan grew up exploring the hills and valleys in Upstate New York. History in the Northeast is as rich as the soil of the valley where he still lives. It wound itself into his childhood fantasies and drawings. He became captivated by historical illustrations from textbooks and magazines acquiring a keen interest for narrative art. Even as a child, he learned “whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” Supported in his love for art by his family, he continued developing his passion.

He completed both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Commercial Art from Pensacola Christian College. He credits his instructors with cultivating technical excellence using traditional and time-tested methods, while promoting creativity and an analytic approach to art. In addition to his formal education he loves adding to his library and visiting museums- studying the works of the Impressionist Masters, American illustrators and contemporary artists.

Jonathan’s art is a part of private and corporate collections across the country and internationally. He is represented by galleries in Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont, and shows regularly around the United States in national and regional exhibitions and competitions. In 2012 Jonathan appeared in Southwest Art magazine’s 21 Under 31 issue highlighting young emerging artists. Among other awards, he received the Gold Medal from the Oil Painters of America 24th National Juried Exhibition in 2015.

A fundamental part of Jonathan’s philosophy is that art should be constructive in its purpose. He believes one of art’s virtues is its ability to raise humankind higher in its understanding of the infinite and deeper in its compassion for one another. In 2011 he joined with several nationally recognized and emerging artists, creating the Lasting Impressions Online Sale to benefit disaster flood relief in his home community. Recent paintings have helped raise funds to place a well at a Ugandan orphanage. Jonathan has also partnered with artist Phil Taylor and The American Fallen Soldiers Project, creating portraits to honor and console families of fallen American heroes.

Themes Jonathan is exploring in his work include Scriptural subjects, America’s past, portraiture, and personal experiences that remind him of God’s power and goodness. Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior, his Reason for being, his supreme Source of inspiration, and his greatest Motivation. Jonathan’s desire is to enrich and inspire the lives of those who view his art, as he strives to visually communicate truth and love.

Scripture is taken from 1 Corinthians 10:31.


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